Sapanta Merry Cemetery

The Merry Cemetery is a unique cemetery, located in Sapanta village, in Maramures County. It is famous for its wooden crosses, painted in blue, decorated with naïve paintings depicting a scene from the person’s life or the moment of the person’s death and also an epitaph describing, in an original and poetic way, a few things about the person and the way he or she died.

The cemetery’s origins are linked with the name of Stan Ioan Patras, a local sculptor who carved, painted and wrote the first lyrics on the crosses. He started in 1935, following the Greco-catholic priest request, and continued until his death, in 1977. He also carved and decorated his own cross, located in front of the church. His work was continued by other local artists, until today. The cemetery is still expending.

The Merry Cemetery became an open-air museum and an interesting tourist attraction.