Rarau Massif

Rarau Massif is situated in Bucovina region, on the north eastern part of the Oriental Carpathians, between the superior course of Moldova and Bistrita rivers.

The massif is bordered in the north by Campulung depression and the Moldova river, on the north- west by Pojorata depression, on south west by Giumalau Massif, on the south by Bistrita river, on south east by Stanisoarei Mountains and in the east by the Sandru and Slatioara valleys.

Rarau is formed mainly from limestone, which rose from the bottom of the sea and formed great walls and interesting towers like the famous Lady’s Rocks formation.

The vegetation is formed by spruce forests and mixed beech and spruce forests. Into the Secular Forest of Slatioara a few hundred years old spruce trees can be found. On the upper level there are alpine meadows and Edelweiss on the rock cliffs.

The fauna consists on deer, wild boars, foxes, brown bears, wolfs, rabbits and bats which hibernate during the winter in the Bat’s Cave.

For the passionate climbers there are many climbing routes on the limestone cliffs, with different grades of difficulty.

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