Prejmer Fortified Church

Prejmer (Taertlauer in German) is nowadays an unspoiled village, situated in south – eastern part of Barsa country, not far from Brasov city. It was settled in 1240 by German colonists, who built a unique and picturesque citadel in 15th century around the 13th century early Gothic church, probably build by the Teutonic knights.

The church became a Lutheran one after the 16th century Reformation. The building was one of the peasant fortresses of Transylvania with a double role, to protect the locals and also the town of Brasov from the Otoman attacks. Its 275 small cells on four levels lining the inner citadel were intended to house the entire local population during sieges. Its outer defensive wall is 4.5 m thick and 14 m high and it’s considered to be the strongest of all remaining Saxon fortifications built around a church.