Postavaru Massif

Postavaru Massif is situated in the south-eastern part of Transylvania, near Brasov city. Surrounded by large depressions and deep valleys, Postavaru Massif looks like an imposing mountain unit, although its maximum height is not more than 1800 m.

The massif is bordered in the north and west by Brasov and Zarnesti depressions. To the east, the picturesque Timis valley separates it from Piatra Mare Massif which is quite similar in some landscape particularities. In the south they are bordered by Paraul Mare superior course that separates it from the steep northern slope of Bucegi Mountains.

Postavaru Massif is formed mostly of limestone, conglomerates and sandstone. The presence of limestone in the higher part explains the pyramidal shape of Postavaru peak (1799 m).

The lower levels of Postavaru Massif is covered with mixed forests of beech, fir and spruce, followed further up by spruce forests and, in the highest , among junipers and wild berries we can find the edelweiss and rhododendron.

The fauna is quite various and is formed by bears, wolves, dear, wild boars, foxes, mountain finch, etc.

Postavaru Massif is well known because of Poiana Brasov, the most important ski resort in Romania.