Obcinele Bucovinei

Obcinele Bucovinei (Bucovina’s Ridges) Mountains are situated in the north – eastern part of the eastern Carpathians, representing a distinct subunit.

The northern limit is Suceava River starting from the river spring along 65 km. The Southern limit starts at Iacobeni, on Bistrita valley, continues through Mestecanis pass, Putna Valley and Moldova Valley separating them from Giumalau, Rarau and Stanisoarei Mountains. The eastern limit is very clear Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains getting in contact with the Suceava plateau. In the south – west Bistrita Valley separates them from Suhard Mountains and in the north – west Carlibaba Valley separates them from Maramures Mountains.

Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains are formed by three major groups (ridges) almost parallel with the orientation north – west to south – east.

One of the characteristic of these mountains is low altitudes , descending from west to east, the medium heights being 1400m in Obcina Mestecanisului, 1300 – 1200 m in Obcina Feredeului and 1100 in Obcina Mare, the highest peak being Lucina Peak (1588 m) in the north of Obcina Mestecanisului.

Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains are formed mainly from flysch, crystalline slate and sedimentary rocks.

Flora consists of vast forests, dominated in the east by the beech and spruce in the rest, alternating with pastures and hayfields conferring a specific beauty to the landscape.

The fauna is specific to the low altitudes Carpathians with wolves, foxes, lynxes, wild boars, deer, squirrels, rabbits, many birds and rarely brown bears.