Hasmas Mountains

Hasmas Massif is situated in the central group of the Eastern Carpathians, with the highest elevation at Hasmasu Mare Peak, 1792m.

Its neighbors are: Ceahlau Mountains to the north, Tarcau Mountains to the east, Ciuc Mountains to the south and Gurghiu Mountains to the west.

It is formed by metamorphic rocks, limestone and conglomerate, presenting a huge limestone wall facing west and a variety of rock formations on the upper level, including the Lonely Stone, while Bicaz River carved the outstanding 6 km long Bicaz Gorges, with great walls splitting the massif from south-west to north-east, and a natural dam lake, called the Red Lake, formed after a land slide, in 1837.

From Hasmas Mountains originate the two large rivers that flow through Transylvania: Olt and Mures. These two springs have almost the same originating spot, but they eventually turn south (Olt) and north (Mures), to continue flowing in opposite directions.

Flora consists in mixed forests manly of spruce till 1600m and alpine meadows, higher.

Fauna is represented by deer, wild boars, brown bears, wolfs, mountain cocks, foxes and pigeon hawks.

The tourists will easily rich the Red Lake and Bicaz Gorges by car, including the rock climbing lovers, the rest of the mountain, even being accessible and not difficult, being undisturbed by hikers presence, with a few exceptions.

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