Botiza Church

Botiza village is situated in Maramures region, on Botiza valley, in Tibles Mountains. This village is famous for its woven rugs and carpets; you can observe villagers making these on wooden looms and note the techniques for dyeing those using only natural vegetal dyes. There are plenty of other examples of crafts such as blacksmiths, millers, shepherds – even a tiny ‘distillery’ producing horinca (double-distilled plum brandy).

Close to the center it a wooden church built in the 18th century. It was dedicated to St. Paraschiva and was built in the town of Viseu de Jos. In 1899 it was moved and rebuilt in Botiza. During its rebuilding, the church tower was enlarged and the interior was painted by Iuga Dionisie and his daughter Aurelia. The church has many icons painted on wood dating from the eighteenth century and some glass icons, most dating from the nineteenth century. The church was also renowned for its wood sculptures and traditional carpets painted in organic colors.

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