Transportation, Luggage Transfer

Transport, inside Romania, for the entire lengths of each and every tour, starting / ending in Bucharest, is included in the price and is chosen according to the group size. We use cars, minibuses or medium size, with professional drivers. On certain tours, when possible, for long distances, we prefer to use domestic flights.

Due to the fact that the hiking and mountain biking tours will necessitate off road vehicles, or at least ones able to be driven on gravel roads, will try to use suitable cars or minibuses, even the ones without A/C.

On our hiking tours the driver will also take us to the starting place of each hike and he will wait for us at the ending place. Our entire luggage, but the daily backpack, will be carried and guarded by our driver during the hikes. Will meet him every afternoon / evening, excepting the hiking days on Fagaras ridge, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, where will meet the driver every second day, some extra weight (clothes and food) being carried along by us.

On our cycling tours the car or minibus will have a roof rack or a trailer for bicycles, and the driver will take us to the starting point of each ride, following us while cycling along. Our entire luggage, but the daily backpack, will be carried and guarded by our driver. We’ll use the vehicle instead of cycling only in extreme situations (bed weather, injures, mechanical problems) and, of course, when the programme requires it, for evening drives to our accommodation.

On our mountain biking tours the same principles as in the cycling tours will apply, the vehicle following us wherever the roads allow it.