Terms and Conditions

1. We exclude liability for death, bodily injury or property damage as a result of (but not limited to): physical effort for which a guest is not prepared; forces of nature; travel by plane, train, auto, boat, or other conveyance, or by bicycle, ski, foot, or other form of active or adventure travel; consumption of alcoholic drinks; civil unrest; terrorism; breakdown of equipment; high altitude; lack of or limited access to medical attention in remote locations; and the adequacy of medical attention once provided. Cycling, hiking and especially mountain biking are potentially dangerous activities, done entirely at the customer's risk. Nevertheless we try to take all reasonable precautions to ensure customer safety and comfort.

2. We strongly recommend that you make your holiday insurance before departure, to cover you against injury or any type of loss. The insurance is not included in the cost of your holiday.

3. We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled trip for whatever reason, but, in this unlikely event, you will be refunded with all the money already paid.

4. We reserve the right to change the itineraries of the trips, because of certain logistic problems that may occur. In this case, we will let you know in time about the changes we made, and we will provide services of a similar quality.

5. The customer will be liable for the cost of damage to any of the accommodation facilities on the way, or to any other equipment belonging to us that was used in an improper way.

6. We reserve the right to refuse a booking for a child or an elderly person, where we have reason to believe that the holiday is not appropriate for them for whatever reason.

7. Booking is only confirmed by paying a deposit representing 10% of the total cost of the trip. This initial payment will be followed by another one, done at least 30 days before the day of departure, representing another 40% of the cost. The rest of 50% will be paid in the moment of your arrival. In case of payment delay, we reserve the right to reject the booking and we shall refund you with any money already paid.

8. There shall be no money refund in case of leaving the trip earlier, for personal or external reasons of any kind.

9. Our customers will provide a signed "Release of Liability and Assumption of All Risks", otherwise they will not be allowed to join the trip. A full money refund will be given in this situation.

10. Guests are responsible for: choosing a trip that suits their abilities, level of fitness, and state of health; respecting the laws and customs of countries visited; following environmental guidelines and regulations while on the trip, in accordance with the guide's advice; respecting the rights and privacy of other trip members.

11. We are also not liable for expenses (e.g., meals, transport, or hotel costs) that are not specified as included in the trip cost.

12. Our customers will grant us permission to take photographs or film records of our trips for promotional and commercial use, without remuneration.