Suhard Mountains

Suhard Mountains are situated in the central part of the eastern Carpathians with a general orientation north west – south east and 35 km in length. They are well delimited by the Bistrita Aurie River in the north (from Rotunda pass to Vatra Dornei resort), Obcina Mestecanis in north-east, Rotunda pass that separates it from Rodnei Mountains in the north west and in the south Dorna depression stays between Suhard mountains and the volcanic Calimani mountains.

Suhard Mountains are formed mainly from crystalline slate and seem like an extension of the higher Rodnei Mountains. If we look carefully we observe that they are formed by three massifs well delimitated by a series of saddles: Omu (1932m) in the north-west, from Rotunda pass to Diecilor saddle, Farauane (1715m) in the central part and Ousoru (1639m) in the south – east.

Due to the configuration of its relief the tonality of flora is obvious. On the higher levels, over 1600m we find alpine meadows, cranberries and complex thickets of junipers. Less than 1600 m the landscape is dominated by spruce forests and patches of larch and beech.

Fauna is characteristic to the Carpathians, consisting from wild boars, deer, foxes, wolves, brown bears, mountain cocks and trout in the rivers around it.