Rozavlea Church

Rozavlea village is situated in the center of historic Maramures region, nestled on the bank of Iza River. The first document mentioning the village dates back from 1353. It was under the property of Bogdan of Cuhea, which later became the ruler of Moldavia.

Rozavlea wooden church was built in 1720 in another village and brought here by a oxen pulled cart. The church is dedicated to the Archangels Mihail and Gavril (Michael and Gabriel). The construction respects the Maramures tradition, being made from the pine tree beams on top of an oak beam, while the foundation was made of river stones. It has a double roof with a high and steep tower.

The interior of the church was painted between 1823 and 1825, by Ioan Plohod. The church also has beautiful icons wood and glass icons. These are of great artistic importance, painted in the traditional style of Maramures.