Necessary Equipment

Equipment and clothing

Romania has a continental temperate climate and mountain weather is variable and unpredictable. During summer the conditions are generally pleasant and warm at low altitudes and light clothing is adequate. However warmer, windproof and waterproof clothing are needed for higher altitudes, where it is possible to encounter wet and cold conditions, or even snow. Early and late season (May and October) requires warmer clothing as well.

Hiking equipment

Your main luggage should be a large backpack. For most of the hikes you’ll need a small daily backpack, for carrying some food and water and your rain and cold items. When hiking on certain mountain areas, like Fagaras or Bucegi, from hut to hut, a 25 – 35l backpack will do, some extra items being necessary. There we’ll meet the driver with our vehicle every second day, so spare cloth and more food we’ll be carried along the ridge. It is not necessary for you to bring a sleeping bag; blankets are provided in the mountain huts. However, if you consider that you might feel better and warmer in your own summer sleeping bag, do not hesitate to bring it over. Good, 3 seasons, waterproof boots with ankle support, warm clothing and a waterproof jacket are essentials. We’ll help you with a list of needed items, if necessary, when booking!

Cycling equipment

For those who wish to bring their own bike, it should be a hybrid or a mountain bike with heavy duty tires. We tried to avoid the main roads as much as possible, for safety reasons. Unfortunately, the side roads are not in the best condition, potholes being quite common. So bring a strong bike! We recommend using a bike rack to carry your daily items (rain coat, food, repair kit), if not, a small backpack will work just fine. We’ll have the vehicle support along the way, so we’ll have some extra help if necessary.

The cycling equipment needed is basic, and very personal. A rain coat and a cap, for sunny days, plus a helmet, if you use one, are quite important. We’ll help you with a list of needed items, if necessary, when booking!

Mountain biking equipment

The same general rules as for on-road cycling apply here, too. We’ll mainly use mountain roads, unpaved or paved, and very few sections with dirt single tracks. We’ll try to have the vehicle support for most of the way, for safety.

Due to higher altitudes reached in most of the days, additional warmer clothing is necessary. The use of protecting items, starting with a helmet, is strongly suggested!

If you want to bring your own bike, it must be a mountain bike!