HEALTH and FITNESS, Insurance

We prefer not to give you specific health advice, but our active trips necessitate a very good health status, combined with an adequate fitness level, in accordance to the difficulty of the chosen trip.

Training for a tough tour, no matter if it’s a hiking, mountain biking or ski touring needs a serious approach, during months of pretty hard work, general and specific training paying off during the trip. You must never underestimate the difficulty of a tour, especially a 15 days one, so common sense and a decent level of self respect are important in making the right choice!

For the active trips, your tour guide will be first aid trained, and will carry an adequate first aid kit. However, we recommend you carry a small first aid kit for personal use. The following list is intended as a guide only:

Plasters (including blister plasters for walking trips); sterile dressings and bandages; simple pain killers (e.g. ibuprofen; antiseptic cream); antihistamine cream (for insect bites); sunscreen cream; anti-diarrhea pills (e.g. Imodium).

We do not provide health or accident insurance for your holiday, so we highly recommend you have a good health and specific accident insurance for the period of time spend here.