Giumalau Mountains

Giumalau Massif is situated in the northern part of the Eastern Carpathians, and with a height of 1857 m and its giant dome shape dominates the region of Bucovina.

Giumalau Massif is bordered in the north by Rarau Massif, Colbu saddle making the connection between the two massifs. In the north – west, Putna creek and in the west Mestecanis pass separate it from Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains. Bistrita river separate it in the south – west from Suhard Mountains, in the south – east from Bistritei Mountains and in the south lies Dorna depression.

Giumalau Massif is formed from crystalline slate that also forms the basis of its limy neighbor, Rarau Massif.

The flora is formed by mixed forests dominated by spruce, in the lower levels and junipers, bilberries, cranberries and pastures in the upper levels.

Fauna consists of brown bears, lynxes, wolves, wolverines, wild boars, deer and mountain cocks.