Budesti Church

Budesti village is situated on Cosau valley, at the bottom of Gutai Mountain. It was first mentioned in a document signed by Ludovic D’Anjou in 1368.

In Budesti there are two wooden churches. Both are excellent representations of the Maramures religious architecture and its variety.

The "Josani" church stands in the lower part of the village. It was built entirely of oak in 1648 and dedicated to St. Nicholas. A characteristic of this church is its main tower, surrounded by four smaller towers. This was designed to signify that the church and its council had the right to punish those found doing wrong against the church or the village.

This church also keeps the mail shirt and helmet of the legendary outlaw Pintea "Viteazul" ("The Brave"), the Romanian version of Robin Hood. These articles were left here after the flight against the Tartars during the last invasion, in 1717. The interior frescoes of this church are very expressive. They were painted in 1762 by Alexandru Ponehalschi.. The beauty of the glass and wooden icons complete the harmony of this splendid church.

The "Susani" church or the upper church was erected in 1760. The interior walls are covered with paintings representing biblical scenes with the characters being dressed in local folk costumes. The church has a unique collection of wooden icons painted on both sides, which are often sent to be displayed at exhibitions all over the world.