We can provide two-bedded rooms (twins or matrimonial beds) in hotels, private pensions and some of the mountain huts. Single persons will be assigned a roommate of the same sex.

Single occupancy is available for an additional charge, in most of these places. Most of the mountain huts only have dormitory style rooms, with more then 2 beds. Having no other choices, we'll have to share the same room, sometimes with people from other groups. Some of these places have basic toilets, with no running water at all.

You'll know in advance, when booking, details about every place we'll use in the tour.

Breakfasts are continental, served as Swedish buffets in most of hotels and pensions, with coffee, tea, cereals, yoghurt, milk, cold meats, cheeses, eggs, jam, honey, butter and bread.

Picnic lunches consist in a selection of meat products and cheeses, fish, vegetables and bread, suitable to be carried on backpacks or on bicycles. Fruits, fresh or dried, nuts, chocolate and other sweets will complete the menu. Everyone will have to carry something!

Dinners will be as rich as possible, according to each place, based on local dishes, with a variety of soups and main courses, mostly cooked using different meats (chicken, pork, beef or fish) with or without sauce, and side dishes (potatoes, polenta, rice or pasta), plus salads and bread. Deserts are usually pancakes, cakes, or cookies plus coffee or tea. We must keep in mind that some of the mountain huts are quite isolated, everything being carried up by donkeys, so food and drinks are on a shorter range and variety!

We try to cater for vegetarians but we cannot provide the same range as expected in the west, because of the meat-based specific Romanian food. In most of restaurants and in the mountain huts vegetarian meals are not a problem, but we suggest that's better to bring some of your own protein supplement if this is likely to cause a problem.