15 days mountain biking inEastern and Northern Carpathians

General Information

A tough, fully guided tour, available from mid June to mid October, starting / ending in Bucharest, on Saturday, with 13 days of mountain biking in 10 different mountain areas (Vrancei, Ciomatu, Harghita, Hasmas, Rarau, Obcinile Bucovinei, Suhard, Maramures, Tibles and Gutai) situated in 3 historic regions (Transylvania, Bukovina and Maramures) of center and northern Romania.

Ride on single tracks, gravel and tarmac roads, with medium and steep slopes, between 50 and 100 km/day, ascending up to 1600m/day, reaching a maximum altitude of 1900m, in Suhard Mountains, with vehicle support when possible.

We’ll visit Bucharest city, Bucovina’s painted monasteries (Moldovita, Sucevita, Humor and Voronet), Maramures old wooden churches (Bogdan Voda, Ieud and Budesti), Sapanta Merry Cemetery, 2 of Transylvania’s fortified towns (Sighisoara and Brasov) and Peles Castle.

Customizable features: starting / ending place, according to your flight / train connections, length of the trip, number of cycling days, length of the rides, accommodation, meals included and also the cultural highlights. And wherever else you might think of, if possible to be done!

For details please contact us!

trip itinerary
  • Arrive in Bucharest, at Henri Coanda Airport. Meet your professional English speaking tour guide and drive to the center. Check in.
  • Bucharest sightseeing tour continued with a walk in the old part of the city.
  • Welcome dinner at Caru cu Bere restaurant and brewery, opened in 1879.
  • Accommodation at Hotel Opera*** or similar.

  • 170 km drive to Nehoiu village, on Buzau river valley, stopping in Berca village area for the moon-like landscape of the muddy volcanoes (if not a drought!).
  • Cycle from Nehoiu (700m) to Tulnici (650m), up on Basca Mica valley and down on Zabala stream.
  • Accommodation in Lepsa, at Pension Dalia, ***, or similar.
  • Cycle up to 55 km, 400 m up, 450 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • Cycle on Vrancei Mountains: from Lepsa (700m) ride over Musat Pass (1100m), descend to Targu Secuiesc and reach Balvanyos (850m) in the afternoon. Continue towards St. Ana volcanic lake, in Ciomatu Masiff. Return to Balvanyos for checking in.
  • Accommodation in Balvanyos Spa, at Hotel Best Western, ***
  • Cycle up to 105 km, 800 m up, 650 m down, mostly on tarmac roads.

  • Cycle over Balvanyos Pass (940m), down to Olt valley, up again over Hatod Pass (710m), down to Baraolt and continue, passing Varghis and Ocland villages, to Homorod (700m).
  • Accommodation in Homorod Spa, at Pension Lobogo, ***
  • Cycle up to 90 km, 550 m up, 700 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • Cycle from Homorod (700m) to Techend Pass (775m), descend to Tarnava Mare valley and climb again, in Harghita Mountains, up to Madaras Hut and Peak (1800m). Descend to Olt valley, ending the day in Sandominic (650m).
  • Accommodation in Sandominic village, at Pension Karpatia, *** or similar.
  • Cycle up to 80 km, 1600 m up, 1650 m down, mostly on gravel roads

  • Cycle on Hasmas Massif, from Sandominic to Lacu Rosu and Bicaz Gorges. Follow Bicaz creek, climb again over Balaj Pass (1078m) and descend to Borsec (850m).
  • Accommodation in Borsec resort, at Pension Julius, *** or similar
  • Cycle up to 100 km, 1050 m up, 1050 m down, mostly on gravel roads

  • Cycle from Borsec to Bilbor and up to Bursucariei Pass (1360m), down to Brosteni, up again to Tarnita Pass (1161m), down to Stulpicani, ride over Prihodiste Pass (900m), and finish the day in Campulung Moldovenesc (650m)
  • Accommodation in Campulung Moldovenesc, at Hotel Eden, ***, for 2 nights
  • Cycle up to 120 km, 1250 m up, 1500 m down, mostly on gravel roads

  • Resting day. Today we’ll visit the famous 15th and 16th century painted monasteries of Bukovina: Moldovita, Sucevita, Humor and Voronet. Return to Campulung Moldovenesc in the afternoon.
  • Enjoy an authentic folkloric show, with life music and dances from Bukovina area.
  • Optional cycle in Obcinile Bucovinei Mountains, on tarmac roads

  • Cycle on Rarau Massif, from Campulung Moldovenesc (650m) up to Rarau Peak (1650m) and continue towards Popii Raraului rock formation. Descend to Chiril village (650m) and follow Bistrita valley to Vatra Dornei (800m).
  • Accommodation in Vatra Dornei resort, at Hotel Bradul, *** or similar
  • Cycle up to 75 km, 1150 m up, 1000 m down, mostly on gravel roads

  • Cycle from Vatra Dornei (800m) to Cosna village and continue on Suhard Mountains, up to Omu Peak (1932m). Descend to Rotunda Pass (1270m), ending the day in Carlibaba (900m).
  • Accommodation in Carlibaba village, at Cabana Zada, *** or similar.
  • Cycle up to 50 km, 1000 m up, 1000 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • Cycle in Maramures Mountains, from Carlibaba up to Prislop Pass (1416m) and continue towards Borsa (750m). Short drive to Viseu de Sus.
  • Accommodation in Viseu de Sus, at Hotel Gabriela, *** or similar.
  • Cycle up to 60 km, 800 m up, 1000 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • Cycle in the historic Maramures area, passing through picturesque villages, stopping to visit some of the old wooden churches. Ride to Bogdan Voda and continue to Ieud and further to Botiza, cross a 980m ridge to Lapus and back north, over Cavnic Pass (1100m) and Neteda Pass (1040m) towards Budesti, ending the day in Sighetu Marmatiei (270m).
  • Accommodation in Sighetu Marmatiei, at Hotel Marmatia, ***
  • Cycle up to 100 km, 1600 m up, 1700 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • Cycle to Sapanta and visit the unique Sapanta Merry Cemetery. Climb to an altitude of about 1200 m in order to cross Gutai Mountains and descend to Izvoare resort and Firiza reservoir, reaching Baia Mare (200m) in the afternoon.
  • Accommodation in Baia Mare, at Hotel Carpati, *** or similar.
  • Cycle up to 75 km, 900 m up, 1000 m down, mostly on gravel roads.

  • 450 km drive to Sinaia, stopping in Sighisoara for a walking tour of the citadel and in Brasov for a walking tour in the old part of the town.
  • Farewell dinner at Taverna Sarbului restaurant.
  • Accommodation in Sinaia resort, at Hotel Anda, ****, or similar

  • Visit the unique Peles Castle, former royal summer residence.
  • 100 km drive to Henri Coanda Airport for your returning flight

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  •    Starting from 1380 euro / person


  • transport by a fully insured vehicle during the tour and luggage transfers while cycling
  • 14 nights accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels and private pensions (B&B)
  • 14 continental breakfasts, 10 picnic lunches, 5 rich dinners
  • entrance fees
  • guide’s and driver’s expenses

Not included:

  • flights to and from Romania
  • bicycles, which can be rent for about 10 euros / day
  • alcoholic drinks
  • photo and video fees
  • insurance
  • tips